> When is Paralives coming out?

The game is still at an early stage of development, expect more info on this as it progresses!

> Is this an online game?

This is a single player game and it does not require an internet connection to play.

> Where can I get the game when it releases?

The game will be available on Steam for PC and Mac.

> Is there a beta and can I become a tester?

There might be a beta in the future but it's not planned yet.

> Is there a first person or third person mode?

Paralives does not have a first person or third person mode.

> Will Paralives be available on consoles?

There are no plans for console versions at the moment.

> Will Paralives be available on mobile devices?

Paralives will not have a phone or tablet version.

> Does the game support user created content?

Yes! Players will be able to share their creations through Steam Workshop. Script mods are not planned at the moment.

> How much will Paralives cost?

The price is to be announced! This won't be a free-to-play game. Paralives will have free content updates after release and might have DLC's but few of them.

> What is the age rating for this game?

Paralives aims for a Teen rating. It will not contain mature themes such as drugs, murder, sexual violence, pornography, gore, etc. Also, the game will not contain religions.

> What are the minimal requirements for my computer to run this game?

We are working on optimizing the game to make it run on laptops and lower end computers. Specifications will become available as we get closer to the alpha version of the game.

> How can I contribute to the project?

If you would like to support the development of the game, you can become a patron on Alex's Patreon and get access to exclusive content: patreon.com/alexmasse

> Can I send you ideas for the game?

Of course! Join our Discord community where we have a special channel for suggestions and ideas: Discord.gg/HfcUJWz